About Singleton United/ Unidos

A resident empowerment group consisting mainly of residents who live south of Singleton Blvd. and from Kingbridge Crossing in West Dallas. Singleton United/Unidos is committed to the hard work of spreading awareness of pollution risks in our community, empowering our neighbors, and uniting our voices against industrial polluters so that proper action is taken and our community’s health respected.

Singleton United/Unidos formed in an effort to remove the GAF shingle and roofing materials manufacturing plant out of our residential area. GAF is a significant source of local pollution without modern mitigation and abatement equipment. This industrial manufacturing plant neighbors schools, daycares, churches and residents and is not a good fit for the future of our community.

Just some of the members of Singleton United/Unidos during a community meeting.

The group has united under the same goal: “This is about our basic rights to breathe clean air, we don’t want to be worried for our families’ health because of where we live. GAF must move.”

Since we formed earlier this summer of 2021, we have taken significant steps towards achieving our goal. As of mid October, our GAF’s Gotta Go! campaign has gained traction and is being implemented to get the attention of policy makers and elected officials. Our purpose is to keep this message a priority and seek to work with anyone who is on board to make change happen.

Thank you to our campaign allies: