Vision for West Dallas

“Without means of the residents interacting, they’re just strangers in each other’s eyes”.
Timothy Gunter, Ariana Valenzuela Reyes and Jose Aguilar from Dallas ISD Career Institute South

Singleton United/Unidos is a resident led organization to improve our West Dallas community. This includes local students that are being shaped and educated in our communities and impacted by our decisions as residents, parents and leaders.

We were fortunate to be a part of the Interior Design program at Dallas ISD Career Institute Souths 2021-2022 academic year. The design class formed four independent teams that reimagined the approximately 26 acre site currently occupied by the GAF asphalt manufacturing plant. The designs are influenced by current efforts from the Neighborhood Self-Defense Project to propose future land use for West Dallas based on community input. The Neighborhood-Led Plan (spanish version) serves as a basis for our vision of West Dallas along our beloved Singleton Corridor.

Excerpt from the Emerald Grounds Proposal

We are very proud that the students found inspiration in our efforts to remove the GAF industrial polluter from our community for the benefit of residents, students and the City of Dallas in general. Their voices, through their design efforts, are a powerful reminder that our future generations build off what we leave behind and we are committed to helping improve the air quality so that healthy communities can thrive.

Thank you so much to Laura Quintero Chavez, Architecture Instructor at Dallas ISD Career Institute, and her wonderful students. You are all a breath of fresh air!

You can browse their Design presentations using the links or enjoy their Project Posters below:

  • Mystic Garden – Ana Baeza, 12th grade, Pinkston HS; Nevaeh Chacon, 11th grade, Kimball HS; Marcela Vaquera, 11th grade, Sunset HS
  • Emerald Grounds – Eliza Castillo, 12th grade, Pinkston HS; Edgar Rojo, 11th grade, Sunset HS
  • DRC Studio – Cassandra Martinez, 11th grade, Pinkston HS; Ricardo Garcia M, 11th grade, Pinkston HS; Deisy Hidrogo, 11th grade, South Oak Cliff HS
  • Collective Ground – Timothy Gunter, 11th Grade, Sunset HS; Ariana Valenzuela Reyes, 12th grade, Pinkston HS; Jose Aguilar, 11th grade, Pinkston HS