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Check out the guest article in Reform Dallas by our leader Janie Cisneros in English and Spanish (below).

Read our proposal for GAF negotiations below, that prompted GAF to shut down talks with the community and move forward with their zoning change:

Community Report on City of Dallas policies GAF’s zoning change contradicts:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: W. Dallas Neighborhood Report Cites Decades-Long Neglect and Abuse; Demands City Shut Down GAF’s Asphalt Shingle Factory

Check out the newly released report that outlines the “Case for City Amortization of GAF”. Available for download below. Reach out to if you have any questions.

More Reasons that GAF Has Got to Go

These are some of the voices from neighbors and friends. We are not alone, and it is no secret that residents live with the daily impacts of GAF.

Ruby Ross- Resident
Rodney W. Johnson- Former Resident
Kenneth Hoggs- Resident
James Odie and Jasmin Odie- Residents
Evelyn Ramos- Resident
Vernon Childress- Resident
Clementina Cortez- Resident

Delores Burns talks about living near the GAF shingle factory on Singleton Avenue. #GAFsGottaGo

Janie Cisneros speaking at the March 2022 Environmental Commission Meeting about the #GAFsGottaGo campaign and the need for #EnvironmentalJustice to be front and center at City Hall.

Marlen Rodriguez speaking at the March 2022 Environmental Commission Meeting about Singleton United/Unidos and the need for inclusion of frontline residents in policy making.

Articles of Interest:

Our campaign featured in a recent Bloomberg City Lab Piece!

West Dallas Residents Fight Back Against Major Air Polluter

Dallas Observer Article: West Dallas Wants Asphalt Shingle Plant Gone

March 9, 2021

West Dallas 1’s President Raul Reyes Jr. discusses major issues facing local residents directly related to the GAF manufacturing plan.

Dallas Observer Article: Paul Quinn College Lists Biggest Polluters in Dallas

April 3, 2021

This article highlights the work done by Evelyn Mayo’s group at Paul Quinn College to identify heavy polluters in our city. The article introduces their Annual Pollution Report with a map of polluters.

West Dallas Neighborhood Map Citizen Air Monitors

Recent Activity:

Join us at the inaugural Environmental Justice Symposium hosted by Paul Quinn College in collaboration with EarthX

We are Singleton United/Unidos, a group of residents that are tired of allowing polluters to destroy our air quality.

GAF’s Gotta Go is our campaign to call for the removal of GAF from our West Dallas Residential area as they have been operating without the proper city permits and are one of the top polluters affecting our air quality.

Please read our information related to the basics of air quality and our local West Dallas history combating polluters.

We look forward to your support as we spread this message. We are fully committed to protecting our air quality for our children and our neighbors.

Paul Quinn College’s Urban Research Initiative Report: Poisoned by Zip Code

Research conducted by Paul Quinn’s Urban Research Initiative and Downwinders at Risk studied the permitted air pollution across the City of Dallas by zip code and City Council District, based on permits filed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). A zip code level analysis for permitted air pollution burden had never been compiled before. This report serves as one of the bases for this initiative and serves as a tool to drive local policy action by Singleton United in our community.

The report was discussed in this KERA article for further background.