GAF Zoning Change Request

JOIN US WEDNESDAY 11/30 6:00 pm at the Anita Martinez Center for the FIRST GAF ZONING MEETING

On September 7th 2022, GAF filed a zoning change with their consultant Masterplan, instead of continuing to negotiate an exit with the residents of West Dallas.

The application they filed is available for download here:

They filed this zoning change after Singleton United/Unidos presented our proposal for their closure in 2 years (by end of 2024), followed by rezoning their site, remediating the land, and providing the land for community use.

Here are the facts about this zoning case and how it does not align with the goals of this campaign or of the surrounding community:

GAF is hosting a series of “Community Meetings” despite their process being completely illegitimate. The first one is on Wednesday 11/30 at 6:00 pm. The meeting dates, times, locations and agendas are linked on the Masterplan website.

You can provide your thoughts directly to Masterplan and GAF on this zoning case here using their “input form”.