Based on our research and evidence, GAF is responsible for adverse effects on the residents of West Dallas, including effects on public health and economic vitality. GAF is also a non-conforming use as outlined previously; therefore, the City of Dallas must request a Board of Adjustment hearing to make GAF come into compliance.

The only way that GAF will be able to be compliant with its current zoning and cease having an adverse impact on the health, safety and general welfare of the residents is through amortization. The continuation of this use goes against the goals of the City’s Comprehensive Environmental Climate Acton Plan, its Racial Equity resolution, and ForwardDallas.

To align with the vision of a more vibrant West Dallas, GAF must be amortized. To drastically improve the public health of West Dallas, GAF must be amortized. To close the health and wealth gap in the City of Dallas, GAF must be amortized. To undo environmental racism and obtain environmental justice for West Dallas…

GAF’s Gotta Go.
GAF Vete Ya.