GAF’s Gotta Go Campaign Launches

“Residents assemble citywide alliance to take on Fortune 500 giant and force its asphalt shingle factory to move out of their neighborhood”

From the press release:

Formed only two months ago Cisneros’ group Singleton United/Unidos is the first organized association of central Singleton residents and it doesn’t lack in determination. It’s “GAFs Gotta Go” campaign mission is “to remove GAF from the Singleton Corridor because it is the largest source of pollution in West Dallas and is threatening the health, safety and general welfare of the residents”. Singleton United/Unidos will be giving GAF, Dallas County’s largest polluter of Sulfur Dioxide and its 4th largest Particulate Matter polluter, an ultimatum to leave of its own accord or face forced eviction through a municipal zoning process known as amortization.

We thank the following organization for expressing their support:

  • Somos Tejas
  • Sunrise Movement
  • Downwinders at Risk
  • Education Opens Doors
  • Southern Sector Rising
  • Neighborhood Self-Defense Project
  • Neighbors United/Vecinos Unidos
  • Texas Campaign for the Environment
  • West Dallas Coalition for Environmental Justice
  • Acadia Community Coalition
  • Solidarity Latinos
  • Readers 2 Leaders
  • Jolt Action
  • Sierra Club Beyond Coal
  • Westmoreland Heights Neighborhood Association
  • Ledbetter Eagleford Neighborhood Association
  • North Texas Fair Housing Coalition
  • Action Center on Race and the Economy (A.C.R.E.)

We will move forward with our efforts to bring awareness and action to improve our community environment.