West Dallas Residents Fight Back Against Major Air Polluter: Dallas Weekly Article

On December 23, 2021, the Dallas Weekly Magazine published an article outlining local efforts by our Singleton United/Unidos, supportive local groups and the West Dallas One coalition, to address the unacceptable presence of GAF’s roofing manufacturing facilities in a residential area.

By Steven Monacelli, Dallas Weekly December 23, 2021

The article describes the grass roots efforts to remove the GAF shingle factory that builds on a history of struggle against large polluters like the RSR lead smelter when Luis Sepulveda’s generation provided leadership.

West Dallas is unified in the goal of removing GAF’s shingle factory from the residential area that includes schools and daycares. While the local areas, that include the Kingsbridge Crossing community are directly impacted on a daily basis, the GAF facility also poses risks to the greater West Dallas areas.

“Those neighbors that live in the area where Singleton United/Unidos is based, they live right on the fence line,” Reyes said. “They’ve been suffering the brunt of the pollution that’s been generated by that facility. But at the end of the day, we know that the footprint is much wider than that.”

Raul Reyes, President of West Dallas One Coalition

Singleton United/Unidos is committed to the hard work of spreading awareness of the dangers, empowering our neighbors and uniting our voices against industrial polluters so that proper action is taken.

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